JD Edwards EnterpriseOne | Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management
Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Warehouse Management gives you the control, cost savings, and competitive advantage required both inside and outside the four walls. Inside your warehouse, easy to apply rules and advanced logic ensure you can maximize space utilization while minimizing costly labor resources; this includes directed movements such as receiving, putaway (proximity), picking (batches and waves), replenishing, packing, and shipping.
  • Optimize pick, putaway, and replenishment functions
  • Set up zones that reflect your various storage areas, such as bulk, high rack, flow pick, and returns
  • Integrate with bar code and wireless radio frequency data collection devices to enable accurate, efficient tracking of goods through your facility
  • Generate material movement by multiple rules (minimums, maximums, substitution, promise) and dates (lot, serial, expiration, shelf) specific to facilities, products, and customers)
  • Maximize product flow with cross-docking logic that allows the pegging of orders to planned receipts
  • Provide true dual units of measure (catch-weight) with a user-defined level of tolerance for error
    Simplify order and inventory transactions and improve fulfillment accuracy by employing license plating