JobBOSS Shop Management Solution | Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control

Maximize throughput by knowing exactly where shop problems are before they become a problem, and experiment with "what-if" scenarios to explore the impact of changes before actually committing the change to the shop floor.  Starting in the quoting module with the “what-if” scheduling feature to determine capability to promise and continuing with the robust shop floor control module, shop foreman can experiment with finite or infinite planning models to determine the best solution to a given scheduling issue.  In addition, an intuitive white-board visual scheduler comes standard with the JobBOSS Professional Edition so that you can readily determine the best course of action though adjusting shift scheduling hours on the fly, dragging and dropping work to another day or another work center, or adjusting the available machine or personnel resources committed to a shift.  In addition, to readily seeing the impact on a given order, know the impact on the entire shop with the key business indicators on the ShopBOSS Dashboard.