JobBOSS Shop Management Solution | Overview


JobBOSS by ECi Software Solutions is the most flexible Job Based ERP software created, supported, and built for mid and small sized manufacturers in North America; providing increased visibility and control within a job shop. 

JobBOSS features an affordable and robust functionality for all stages of your business, which includes: Quoting, Order Processing, Advanced Scheduling, Inventory, Payroll, Accounting, Quality (ISO and ASI), Data Collection, and Mobility.  JobBOSS is one of a kind since it can be purchased as a subscription or as a  standard license, and with the option to be housed on your own server or in our private cloud.

Nearly 30 years ago, the first JobBOSS system hit the market and revolutionized how job shop owners managed their front office and shop floor.   Today nearly 7,000 shop owners know that nothing works better for controlling their shops from quote to cash and every business process in between.

With JobBOSS stakeholders have complete visibility to the issues which face custom, make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturers.  The core system gives everyone from the owner, to shop foreman, to bookkepper/controller  real-time insight into quotes which need follow-up, new orders which have been received, production scheduling issues including bottlenecked work centers or projected late deliveries, material requirements planning whether material is bought to stock or directly to the job, real time labor and costing information with bar-coded transaction processing, and delivery/shipping information.  In addition, integrate all financial data including customer invoicing and cash receipts, vendor invoicing and payments, complete general ledger processing, and integrated payroll including tracking of time and attendance and job time,  Within this one single, integrated environment, information is entered once and automatically shared across the entire system ensuring you can deliver on your commitments to your customers.

Shop owners evaluating JobBOSS want to ensure that every decision they make, makes them money and want to partner with a software vendor that understands their business.  JobBOSS is not just software; it’s a system of people and technology shop owners and managers can depend on today and well into the future. With three product offerings (Core, Premium, and Enterprise), shop owners can rest assured they are buying a system that is designed for exactly the maturity of their business and their related business needs.



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Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL Server, MS SQL Express

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Windows, Mac OS