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Jobscope Mobile
With JOBSCOPE Mobile, customers have real-time access to the system functionality they need, when they need it - directly from their mobile device. Complete functionality of JOBSCOPE Mobile gives users the ability to improve business processes whether away from the office or simply moving around in the plant. Real-time access puts information for JOBSCOPE's CRM, Reports, Inspections, and Field Services solutions directly in the user's hands while on the go without being tethered to a desktop or workstation. Instant connectivity to critical data means users can quickly review and assess information for decision making, and easily collaborate on customer projects.
JOBSCOPE Mobile operates securely with tablet PC's, laptops, and smartphones on popular devices such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Droid that are used by many businesses today.

Full Functionality and User Advantages

  • Within the CRM module, users can easily create, view and modify customer or prospect information which synchs automatically with the JOBSCOPE database. Everything is displayed right on the mobile device's screen including activities (phone calls, emails) due today and those yet to be completed.
  • For inspections, digital forms and on-screen signature capabilities tie completed inspections to the history for that piece of equipment. Users have access to all the inspections assigned to them with their associated schedules and filter options enable the reps to see inspections due today, in the past or those scheduled for future dates.
  • Directly from their mobile devices, field personnel are able to report and provide real-time labor, material, and work order status so both customers and management are up to date on all field service work orders. The reps can issue material, track time, create expense reports, and add notes directly on the mobile device.
  • For reporting, users can run and export all JOBSCOPE reports directly from their mobile device. This includes the default standard reports as well as custom reports that may have been developed specifically for a client's unique environment.
  • Through the Supplier Portal, authorized suppliers can view on their mobile devices all PO details (description, quantities desired, cost, customer contact info, due date, status, etc.) and evaluate whether or not they are able to fulfill the order, then choose to accept or decline it.

The Value of Mobile

  • Real-time communication synching with JOBSCOPE
  • Improved productivity of field service representatives
  • Convenience of running and exporting reports directly through popular mobile devices
  • Access to complete CRM functionality for customer and prospect records
  • Enhanced, paperless inspection forms built from scratch or modified within JOBSCOPE Mobile