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Job Cost Accounting
Engineer To Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Government Contractor, Job Shop and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul manufacturing companies require job cost, project cost, contract cost and financial information be up-to-date and available for every job at any given time. Jobscope's Job Cost software effectively meets this requirement by allowing management to enter and maintain original projections and ongoing updates to those projections (budgets), while at the same time automatically accumulating actual costs-to-date and computer-projected Estimates-At-Completion (EAC). Comparison among all budgets and actuals may be viewed on-line within a single screen.

Jobscope Job Cost Software, Project Cost Software features:

  • Automatic updating of job cost from transactions entered throughout the system
  • Classification of job cost charges by user-defined categories to differentiate various types of costs
  • Ability to enter and maintain original and current budget figures for each cost category
  • Audit trail of budget changes
  • Actual versus estimated cost comparisons
  • Various formulas for calculating percentage completion
  • Functions for calculating and applying cost-of-sales and earned revenue
  • Percentage Completion Accounting
  • Progress Billings with Retainage