JOBSCOPE | Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control
JOBSCOPE manufacturing software Shop Floor Control module is designed for Engineer To Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Government Contractor, Job Shop and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul manufacturing companies. Functionality includes labor collection transactions, scheduling of operations, work orders, and releases, and shipping with automatic invoice creation. Employees on the plant floor can follow simple labor collection prompts in our DATACAP system to scan barcoded information that is used to create transactions which are uploaded to JOBSCOPE. Our Scheduling system allows you to maintain calendars of planned activities for work centers. You have the ability to assign an operation with a beginning and ending time, and the block of time for the operation is reserved in the appropriate work center. JOBSCOPE's Shipping subsystem provides an effective means of identifying and shipping items ready for delivery to customers or outside processors.

Jobscope Manufacturing Software Shop Floor Control Features

  • Provides time and attendance tracking
  • educes labor collection data entry errors
  • Verifies data online
  • Allows the creation of automatic breaks
  • Creates calendars for work centers
  • Provides multi-resource scheduling
  • Adjusts schedules
  • Downloads scheduling data to Microsoft Project
  • Allows you to firm the schedule of an operation, work order, or release
  • Interfaces with production shop orders
  • Automatic generation of master shipping records
  • Shipping and back order tracking
  • Provides direct input to automatic invoice creation function