JOBSCOPE | Configurator

Jobscope manufacturing software Product Configurator is designed to simplify the estimating and order entry of make to order, assemble to order and configure to order products. Once engineering has defined a set of features and options, sales people can configure products by choosing the appropriate features and options. Jobscope product configurator creates a rolled up costing report for internal review as well as a final proposal for the customer. Jobscope understands there is no such thing as an out of the box product configurator that meets all customers requirements. Our sales and implementation consultants work with your engineering and sales staff to tailor the product configurator to your unique requirements.
Jobscope manufacturing software utilizes flexible order entry and estimating system that accommodates products and equipment that have predefined part numbers, part numbers brought in from an estimate, part numbers configured in estimating or order entry, or flexible part numbers identified in any manner acceptable to the user/customer. The system also supports the detail design and further documentation of the item as the order progresses.
Already using a third party Configurator solution? Jobscope's integration API's allow us to integrate your existing Configurator with Jobscope Enterprise Edition.

Configurator - Manufacturing Software Features:

  • Simplifies configuration for products that can be defined based on features and options
  • Full cost and pricing rollup
  • Increase Sales productivity by automating the Engineering process
  • Accommodates addition on non-configured part numbers 
  • Interface with Bill of Materials, Estimating, Routings, and Order Entry
  • CAD integration capabilities
  • Integration with existing third party configurators