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JustFoodERP Extended Products 

JF Floor

The comprehensive browser-based warehouse interface to JustFoodERP for handheld devices, tablets and phones, for inventory lookup, quality audits, container management, receiving and shipping, warehouse movements and physical counts, and much more.

JF Commerce

Extend your sales order processing capabilities to the web with powerful, scalable e-commerce that integrates to JustFoodERP including master files, inventory availability, A/R history visibility, and sales orders. With JF Commerce, your customers, brokers and sales people can place orders and monitor their account activity from anywhere, anytime.

Production KPIs

This real-time graphical dashboard application delivers business-critical performance indicators all day long, on the production floor or anywhere you need it!

JF Plant

Designed to work on touchscreen devices on the shop floor, this feature-rich new application connects directly to your ERP system for immediate consumption and output activity tracking.

JF Scheduler

See your production schedule visually for quick decision making through the aid of graphical, visual identifiers for product allergens, machine bottlenecks downtimes. Predefine your ideal sequence for all products, then apply that sequencing with the click of a button to automatically set your schedule. Too many variables to automate? No problem. Manually adjust your schedule as needed using the simple, drag ‘n’ drop interface.