JustFood ERP | Costing


  • Ability to automatically allocate costs from production cost centers to work centers and products for ingredients, direct labor, and overhead
  • Setup as many cost drivers as needed and link them with the supply chain
  • Allocate cost from work centers to products with a number of methods like quantity, time, or weight
  • After the execution of the product costing, you can analyze the cost of products to their cost components, which are defined according to your needs. Cost methods are numerous
  • The Alternate Cost Worksheet supports the ability to maintain, track and compare costs over time using definable cost factors
  • Item Charges and Document Charges allow you to accrue expected costs.  Item Charge Assignment functionality then allows you to associate realized costs against items or documents for reconciliation.  Handy for freight, duty, storage, and other associated costs
  • The Estimates granule allows for the ‘what-if’ analysis for purposes of sales quotes or  pricing
  • Additional features include Standard Cost Worksheet for standard cost updates, as well as Analysis Reports, Item Budgets, Jobs Management, and Resource Management