JustFood ERP | Inventory Visibility

Inventory Visibility

  • Access inventory location information from anywhere in the system; Sales Order, Item Card, etc
  • Track inventory at location, zone, bin (rack) and container (pallet, tote, tub) level
  • Inventory Availability in addition to Quantity on Hand provides users access to Forecasted Availability; useful for planning or committing inventory
  • Inventory information can be drilled down upon to see inventory by lot and expiry
  • Expiration Analysis provides visibility on inventory that has expired, as well as inventory that may be approaching expiration based on item-specific  parameters
  • First Expiry principals can be enforced for picking and consumption
  • Visibility on 'partials' to ensure that partial bags/cases/pallets are used first, unless certain conditions such as same lot full pallet orders, etc
  • Inventory lookups available on handheld or mobile devices
  • Physical and cycle counts available on handheld devices.