JustFood ERP | Food Safety Overview

Food Safety Overview

Traceability & Lot Control

  • JustFoodERP’s lot algorithm can be setup on the item card. Finished goods, Intermediate items, and even raw materials can be assigned a lot algorithm that is then transferred to an item’s label for barcode scanning
  • External lot numbers can also be tracked, in the case of vendors assigning lot numbers
  • Lots are consumed in order of expiry, picking controls are in place to prevent products being consumed out of rotation unless otherwise approved by supervisor
  • Bi-directional traceability is available at the click of a button.  Any item/lot combination can be traced providing information related to purchase, consumption, output, shipping as well as any other items that may have been  cross-contaminated

Recall Process

  • Bi-Directional Lot Trace can be extended to the recall process
  • Recalls provide a list of all customers impacted by a concerned item and lot combination
  • Recall data can be exported to Excel for manual manipulation
  • Recalls can also be integrated to JustFoodERP’s Relationship Management module auto- generating a Word template letter that can be emailed or faxed to customers
  • Recall letter can communicate impacted lots, and provide information related to the shipment  number, date, quantity shipped prompting response from customers for next actions.

Quality Management

  • Setup unlimited Quality Procedures related to items, customers, assets, employees, or other entities in the business
  • Quality Procedures can mandate certain steps that need to be carried out, providing work instructions to employees
  • Expected results can be defined, if during a quality audit, results are outside of range, certain actions like product quarantine can be initiated
  • Quality Audits can be initiated at certain material movements like receiving, pick, consumption, output, or shipping
  • Quality Audits can be captured electronically and in real-time using RF barcode scanners, tablets, or computer carts
  • A Quality specific Role Center provides a view of Quality Audits in a matrix format to make it easy to see what quality audits are due to be performed.

QR Codes

JustFoodERP has some clever applications for QR codes – matrix barcodes that can be read by mobile devices and other readers – specifically around food safety. Customers, and even consumers, can scan an item’s QR code to access a website that directly links to JustFoodERP’s database. Consumers or customers can find out additional information about that item or even the specific item lot such as nutritional information, ingredient declarations, allergen declarations. Additional information related to production facility, supervisor or staff, and quality audit results can be presented as well. Integration to Facebook, Twitter, or even JF Commerce can be included allowing for easy product feedback, ‘likes’, or re-ordering.