JustFood ERP | Pricing & Commissions

Pricing & Commissions

  • Pricing rules built right into the system supporting Bracket Pricing, Delivered Pricing, Pricing campaigns (integrated into marketing engine), as well as pricing supporting calendar features
  • Sales brackets include Customer Buying Groups, Price List Groups and support for specific sales hierarchies
  • Cost Plus pricing available for customers who deal with volatile commodities.  Costs could be based on inventory costs, fixed costs, or alternative costs
  • Item Surcharges and Document Surcharge functionality to support freight and fuel surcharges, or even temporary commodity price fluctuations
  • Zones functionality allows prices to be applied to specific zones of delivery.  Delivery charges are itemized and easily reconciled against the incoming logistics or freight costs
  • Extended Pricing Matrix allows item charges to be applied in combinations of customers or customer groups
  • Invoice printing can roll-up prices or itemize prices from surcharges
  • Estimates functionality allows sales reps to put forward accurate estimates based on a specific recipe.  A worksheet allows marketing costs or other fixed costs to be factored into the pricing equation
  • Commissions are highly configurable and can be calculated on price, margin, and quantity as well as advanced rules such as first-time sale, new item, new customer, unique items