Company Overview and History

Originally our company was a horizontal partner that delivered software and services to companies looking to work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  We worked with many industries, and soon discovered that some of the food companies we were working with had similar requirements. The leadership team did extensive research and made the decision to invest into building Intellectual Protocol (IP) specifically for the food industry. We also made the investment to hire analysts from the food industry.

In 2004, JustFoodERP was launched. Since the launch, all R&D efforts have been heavily focused on food processing and food distribution company requirements.  Our efforts have been focused on reducing implementation timeframes and implementation risks often associated with ERP. A decade later, we are proud to say that over 50% of the JustFoodERP product is based on food specific functionality.

Company Culture and Direction

Company Culture is very important to us as an organization. Our mission is ‘We make it Easy!” and that statement is something we use both for our customers and for our employees.

As an organization, we have made it a key initiative to formalize our company culture and direction.  We have a formal vision statement, mission statement, corporate values, cohesive company strategic objectives, and we publish an annual Operating Plan.

Every year our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) sets a three-year outlook and shares this across the company.  Full transparency is offered to the entire organization through an annual kick-off event. At this event, every employee is flown in to headquarters to participate.  Every employee also receives comprehensive leadership training at this event.

We recently introduced a recognition program for employees. This included both a formal and informal recognition program. Both programs are peer to peer recognition and offer significant rewards to all award winners. We also had a formal awards ceremony and of course had a great dinner to top it all off.

Our culture also encourages reaching out to the community and supporting charities. For example this year we matched all donations made to November and supported many individual requests of employees donating time to charitable organizations.


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