Kenandy ERP | Advantages

Kenandy ERP is a leading cloud ERP solution for small and mid-sized product companies.  Kenandy Cloud ERP delivers the core capabilities you need to manage your manufacturing operations, supply chain and distribution channels – completely integrated order management, manufacturing management, financials, and indirect procurement – all on the cloud.

Fast Time to Value
Implement in weeks, learn in hours – there’s no hardware or software to install, making implementation fast and operation simple. Built natively on the Salesforce Platform -’s enterprise cloud computing platform – Kenandy ERP is a true multi-tenant architecture delivered as a service. It's always up-to-date, scalable, and secure. You have a single source of truth, with easy mobile and global access by your company, customers and suppliers.  With Kenandy, you only implement the capabilities you truly need to get up and running quickly.

Better Economics
There are no up-front capital costs or costly maintenance upgrades. Your system always has the latest functionality and you save because there’re no maintenance fees. Easily add new users when you need them.   Customization and integration capabilities make it easy to extend Kenandy ERP on demand, for a complete – and completely agile – solution that lets you minimize costs.
Easily Adapt to Your Changing Business Needs
Need something beyond the core capabilities? You can extend Kenandy’s capabilities quickly and easily to best meet your business demands. Customization tools are built on the Salesforce Platform, making it easy for power users to make updates using reusable objects. Integrate other applications using standard APIs.
Global Collaboration. Social ERP!
Bringing products to market has always been collaborative, but never more so than today, with global supply chain networks requiring you to work efficiently and effectively with a variety of customers and partners around the world, in real time. Share live inventory data. Chat through private portals about your transactions. Contribute and share industry best practices through the Kenandy Community.