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The Kenandy Community
The Kenandy Community is about you—our customers and partners. We're committed to building our success on your success. Get social with the Kenandy Community. We've built a private site so customers, partners and Kenandy employees can collaborate with each other around product questions and ideas. Have a question about Kenandy ERP you'd like to pose to the community? Just enter it into the Questions channel, and responses will be sent directly to your email address. Have an idea about a new product feature? Just enter it into the Ideas channel, or vote on an idea that's already there. Kenandy takes all recommendations seriously. Or share your best practices or KPIs.

The site is also a place where we provide you with the tools to ensure your success – a searchable Knowledgebase, links to all of our resources and videos. If you want to report a company-specific problem, you can submit a support ticket. If we find a problem, we'll report it to the community. Transparency is key to our mutual success.

Become a valuable contributor, and get recognized as a community "champion" with special privileges to interact in the community. We'll even give you a Kenandy shirt off our back! The Kenandy Community is available directly from Kenandy ERP – collaboration and support whenever you want it, just a click away.