Macola Manufacturing Pro | Overview


Macola Manufacturing Pro is the ERP solution for manufacturing professionals in the general discrete manufacturing segments such as, but not limited to, machinery, aerospace, automotive and electronics.
Macola Manufacturing Pro delivers all of the features and functions in one low-cost, high-value solution. With its modular approach, users can start with basic work order processing and continue on to the full shop-floor control, without having to upgrade or change their software application. You will receive the following modules in one package:
Exact Macola Manufacturing Pro customers:
  • Use work order or work center production methods
  • Apply variable overhead burden rates to each work center
  • Use multiple routing functions
  • Track Work-in-Process
  • Need inventory control visibility
  • Need materials control in the production process
  • Need to move away from shop floor control as a set of manual procedures, by upgrading to more automation and control over the process (materials tracking and costs)
  • Have no integration between accounting, inventory or other corporate systems and the shop floor function
  • Require a better way of tracking product serialization for warranty control
  • Need to implement job costing within the organization.
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MS SQL Server, Premise

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