Made2Manage ERP | Advaced Configurator

M2M Advanced Configurator 

The M2M Advanced Configurator provides make-to-order (MTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO) companies the power to handle the most complex configurations. Through the use of eye-catching graphics, M2M Advanced Configurator provides users at any level the ability to easily create rules, formulas and custom input screens to simplify the configuration entry process.

M2M Advanced Configurator is quick to implement and easy to maintain. Through its straightforward web-based interface, it is easy to support complex product configurations and does not require any programming experience or on-going consulting support. The M2M Advanced Configurator product suite supports the creation of custom bills of materials and routings “on the fly”, complex pricing mechanisms, and entering orders and quotes over the web.

With the M2M Advanced Configurator core product suite, you can:

  • Improve order entry and production accuracy for even the most complex orders.
  • Significantly reduce lead times and cost of sales.
  • Provide a competitive advantage that translates directly into a higher order win percentage.
  • Improve profit margins by reducing/eliminating non-value added activities.

M2M Advanced Configurator - Optional Modules

The M2M Advanced Configurator core suite can be enhanced with the following optional modules:

  • M2M AC-Publish – Create custom sales proposal and quote documents using configured data.
  • M2M AC-Remote – Submit configurations remotely while disconnected from the Internet and synchronize upon connection.
  • M2M AC-System – Define global parameters to be applied to individual configurations (or, configurations within configurations).
  • M2M AC-Vue – Use both viewing and mark-up capabilities to add notes, changes, and instructions to CAD and engineering drawings.
  • M2M AC-Quote – Extends the core Made2Manage® Enterprise Business System quoting functionality.