Made2Manage ERP | Multi Site

Multi Site
The Multi Site Manufacturing feature in Made2Manage helps you manage multiple finished good warehouses, distribution centers, storage facilities, and/or manufacturing plants at virtual facilities or geographically separate facilities. For better execution across multiple operations, the Multi Site Manufacturing feature provides you with visibility into inventory, supply and demand, order costing, and inventory valuation by facility.

Keeping track of information by site location is accomplished by utilizing a unique facility identifier for each facility. The facility identifier makes it possible to enter and store quotes, sales orders, demand forecasts and safety stock, inventory, job orders, sub-assemblies, purchase orders, and shipping and receiving transactions by facility. Information on items/ parts (including the BOMs and routings) as well as calendar and capacity data within Made2Manage can also be entered and stored by facility.

To plan and execute the movement of material between facilities, Made2Manage offers a new inter-facility order mechanism. Similar to a purchase order, you can use inter-facility supply orders to document your receiving facility’s plan to acquire material. In turn, your shipping facility can use an inter-facility demand order, much like a sales order to account for demand. Shipments are made against the inter-facility demand order while received goods are acquired against the matching inter-facility supply order. What’s more, you can easily add and carry multiple shippers and receivers for inter-facility supply and demand orders to transfer materials among your facilities.

Manage financials for separate profit centers with Multi Site Manufacturing. Multi Site supports revenue, inventory and cost accounting functions for separate facilities. You can capture data on revenue, cost of goods sold (COGS), cost variance, work in process (WIP), and inventory accounts by product class and facility. To post figures to a specific facility account or accounts, just select the appropriate facility identifiers in your transactions.


  • Manage multiple finished good warehouses, distribution centers, storage facilities, and/or manufacturing plants at geographically separate facilities or virtual facilities.
  • Track quotes, sales orders, demand, inventory, jobs, purchasing, and shipping and receiving by facility.
  • Plan and execute movements of material between facilities.
  • Account for individual profit centers at separate facilities.