Made2Manage ERP | Advanced Reporting

M2M Advanced Reporting

M2M Advanced Reporting suite is the industry-leading solution for enterprise report-writing and drill-down analysis, providing quick access to the necessary data you need to make critical business decisions. Easily create reports using both financial and operational data with complete drill-down to source document capability in any report.

Because of its simple point-and-click setup, writing reports has never been easier. No need to understand complex database tables or cryptic field names. Field names are translated into plain English and database tables are linked right out of the box. M2M Advanced Reporting uses the look and feel of a standard spreadsheet to make learning simple.

With the M2M Advanced Reporting suite, users can:

  • Drill down to source documents in any report.
  • Import budget data from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Consolidate multi-company financials and perform multi-currency rollups easily.
  • Create dashboards with multiple reports and graphs on one screen with full drill-drown capability from each graph.
  • Package a group of reports together with simple point-and-click functionality.

Specifically, the M2M Advanced Reporting suite supports financial or operational report creation.

Financial Reporting—Allows users to easily create any type of financial report with simple point-and-click procedures, while requiring no additional formulas or IT assistance to retrieve data from the General Ledger.

From a financial reporting perspective, M2M Advanced Reporting has the following features:

  • Effortless report template creation
  • Double-click balance source
  •  Advanced security
  • Painless consolidations
  • Straightforward business intelligence Dashboards and reports
  • Seamless spreadsheet connection

Operational Reporting—Retrieves data from multiple tables and makes them intelligible, thus allowing users to produce the necessary operational reports just as easily as creating a standard spreadsheet.

From an operational reporting perspective, M2M Advanced Reporting has the following features:

  • Easy report creation 
  • Detailed reports
  • Business intelligence reports
  • Dynamic data analysis
  • Dashboards and report packets
  • Drilldown details