Made2Manage ERP | Budgeting and Cash Flow

Budgeting - Cash Flow

Budgeting and forecasting cash inflow and outflow enables your managers to prepare forecasts and let you plan for future cash needs. M2M ERP helps you easily predict investment opportunities or future cash deficiencies, giving you the information you need to make critical business decisions. Greatly reduce the risk of bank overdrafts and last-minute loans with M2M ERP cash flow projection tools.  M2M ERP helps manage your budget and cash flow, so that you can effectively:

  • Budget based upon many different sources with flexible and configurable applications.
  • Export to and import from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Select cash flow inputs and quickly adjust to output derivations, including existing data, actual averages, what-if values, weighted average and user-defined values.
  • Choose from many reports, including a forecast template and line item calculations.
  • Save multiple forecasts so you can compare current cash flows with past and future accounting periods.