Made2Manage ERP | Payroll Assistant

Payroll Assistant
Made2Manage Payroll Assistant provides a flexible, efficient and user-friendly workforce management solution to collect and control your payroll data. Where shop floor data collection focuses on job costing and operations reporting for direct labor employees, Made2Manage Payroll Assistant focuses on collecting critical payroll information for all employees

Made2Manage Payroll Assistant handles complex payroll formulas and rules that the core Made2Manage™ ERP does not currently address, such as shift differentials, jury duty, and vacations. Payroll processing that used to take days can now be done in hours, even within an environment where payroll data must be collected from multiple locations.

Made2Manage Payroll Assistant can be implemented as a standalone application or integrated with Made2Manage Shop Floor Data Collection - giving you complete labor reporting and payroll collection solution for your entire workforce. When fully integrated with Made2Manage Shop Floor Data Collection, Made2Manage Payroll Assistant automates the collection, calculation and preparation of payroll data, thus increasing the efficiency of your operation by reducing the errors that can occur in a traditional paper-based time keeping system.

End users will easily adopt the system, as it utilizes familiar windows and pull-down menus. The security features limit access to authorized personnel only and allow customization of the access levels. The security features also limit employee information available to a user, according to shifts and departments.

Made2Manage Payroll Assistant offers a special “Agency Time Card” detail report to simplify calculation and reporting of weekly hours for agency employees. Supervisors can easily verify the hours of both regular and agency employees.

Made2Manage Payroll Assistant can calculate hours based on the schedules that you create, and you can provide unique shift definitions or prepare global scheduling.

The “Lost Time Codes” report gives your company the option to set up a Merit/De-Merit program. This unique feature can track lost time and indicate whether that time was paid or unpaid. You have the flexibility to assign codes and a point value system as they pertain to your employees or business.

Made2Manage Payroll Assistant provides several reports:

• Absentee
• Daily Labor
• Early/Late by Employee and by Department
• Missed Punches
• Overtime
• Payroll
• Punch Logs
• Time Card Detail
• Agency Time Card Detail
• Hours by Week
• File Listing
• Monthly Attendance
• Lost Time by Department/Employee
• Vacation Summary by Department/Employee
• Weekly Hours Exception
• Daily Missed Punches
• Daily Punch Exception
• Weekly Schedule