Made2Manage ERP | Lot control

Lot control
Lot control within Made2Manage makes it easy for you to keep track of part identification information. It allows you to track raw materials, sub-assemblies and final assemblies to their origins. Lot numbers can be applied to inventoried items or to items purchased for a specific job.

Lot control lets you track parts throughout production and quickly identify where each lot-controlled item was used, or determine what lots were used in developing the end product.

Each part or assembly produced or carried through inventory can be tracked with online documentation for specific components. Lot numbers appear on inventory reports. Search by customer, part number, job order number, and/or lot number to find each occurrence of a specific lot number or serial number.

For a lot-controlled assembly, you can choose whether to lot-control all or only some of its component parts. In addition, you can set expiration dates for lots to ensure that they will be used in the right order and to prevent expired lots from being used.

• Organize important information about each part for easy access.
• Simplify the process of tracking parts throughout production.
• Gain control over lot size down to lots of one (when you need serial numbers).
• Identify materials with lot controls on purchase orders and shipping orders.
• Assign expiration dates to material that has a limited shelf life.