Made2Manage ERP | Multi-Dimensional Inventory

Multi-Dimensional Inventory

The Made2Manage Multi-Dimensional Inventory (MDI) feature provides measurement of inventory in multiple dimensions. With MDI, you can specify component requirements in multiple dimensions and capture inventory transactions in alternate units of measure. You can define units of measure to include units used to count or measure inventory (e.g., pieces, bars and/or sheets) or units used to quantify dimensions (e.g., feet or inches). The Made2Manage MDI feature gives precision to your inventory by allowing you to:

  • Predefine valid units of measure independent of individual parts. Count or measure inventory in up to five dimensions.
  • Specify component requirements in multiple dimensions.
  • Capture inventory transactions with an unlimited number of alternate units of measure.
  • Review component quantities specified in multiple dimensions on the bill of material.
  • Apply MDI to purchase orders as well as the issuance, receipt and return of materials.
  • Transact in alternate units of measure with automatic conversion to the primary stock keeping or costing unit of measure.