Made2Manage ERP | Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory

Whether you keep your inventory accurate through cycle counting or through annual physical inventories, M2M ERP gives you the tools that make it easy to collect, reconcile and post count quantities against on-hand inventory balances and in turn generate needed general ledger transactions.

Cycle counting in M2M ERP allows you to set up pre-established rules for the frequency of and method for counting items. You can then print pre-populated cycle count worksheets for simple count collections and for easy count data entry. Inventory Movement reports are available to monitor transactions performed during the cycle count to ensure accurate reconciliation.

Physical Inventory is an annual event for most manufacturing companies, often taking place at the fiscal year end. This function is completely integrated within Made2Manage ERP and accommodates both complete (i.e., "wall-to-wall") and partial inventories. Using M2M ERP, you can "freeze" inventory, issue and control count tags, enter tags, analyze variances, post differences to the general ledger and update on-hand quantities. You can continue to make transactions and receive warning messages; M2M ERP accommodates both inventory management techniques so your company has the flexibility to choose. M2M ERP keeps an accurate account of your physical inventory, permitting you to:

  • Automate many tedious tasks—everything but the counting itself.
  • Set up pre-established rules for the frequency of and method for counting.
  • Provide inventory movement reports so you can accurately reconcile variances during cycle counts.
  • Automatically update on-hand quantities and general ledger accounts