Made2Manage ERP | Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection

The Made2Manage Shop Floor Data Collection device automates the entry of your daily labor, inventory, and shipping and receiving transactions and improves the accuracy of your data. Users can choose between hardwired or radio frequency wireless connectivity options to capture key enterprise data. The Shop Floor Data Collection device also supports a wide variety of data terminals.

By swiping a bar code wand over the bar codes you print out, your labor, inventory, shipping and receiving data get updated automatically. Bar codes print automatically on part number labels, pick lists, purchase orders, shipping lists, physical inventory reports and even employee name badges. You can:

  • Improve data accuracy and save time by eliminating manual data entry into your M2M ERP system.
  • Decrease shipping errors by ensuring the right quantities of the right products are loaded for shipment.
  • Strengthen detailed labor collection.
  • Reduce your carrying costs by having a real-time picture of inventory levels.