Made2Manage ERP | Bills of Material

Bills of Material

M2M ERP simplifies the process of updating your bill of materials. Since bills of material (BOM) are used to generate quotations and sales orders, up-to-date information on the components and sub-contractors used to produce your product are essential. M2M ERP helps you to:

  • Balance your lead times for different parts in your production process so resources can be allocated "just in time" when a component is needed.
  • Trim inventory and avoid placing resources into components that are further out in the fulfillment process.
  • Improve cash flow by maintaining less inventory and spending money in a timely manner.
  • Build and maintain your BOM.
  • Change BOM quickly and easily to replace or delete items.
  • Capture and display all components with sub-assemblies at any level.
  • Maintain reports that detail your product structures and enable you to find parts where they are being used.
  • Ease the process of determining product costs.