Made2Manage ERP | Customer Notification

Notifying Employees, Customers and Suppliers

Keep your sales channel, customers and suppliers informed with the M2M Notifier feature. By using the Notifier workflow-enabling system, you can automatically send a message to customers, suppliers and employees when events happen that are important to them. The Notifier system works with quotations, purchase orders, job orders, sales orders, shippers, receivers and invoices.

Made2Manage notification features also enable you to monitor any business metric and track events based on your priorities. For instance, you can receive a “heads up” when a shipment goes out to a customer or when profit margins drop below a predetermined level on a sales order. In fact, you can flag any field in the system based on your needs. Made2Manage notification features enable you to:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by keeping customers in the loop as you fill their orders.
  • Increase supplier confidence by informing them when you receive shipments and make payments.
  • Keep your employees, customers and suppliers informed automatically as you make progress on job orders.
  • Improve communication within your organization by alerting employees when important workflow events happen or when certain tasks should be performed.