Made2Manage ERP | Job Orders

Job Orders

The Made2Manage job order is a sophisticated tracking tool for both customer and internal orders that lets you manage job orders in a way that fits your process.

You can quickly and easily create job orders in many ways: from a sales order, from an existing job order, from a job order template or from scratch if you want. You can also create job orders using a master job order queue or by answering Material Requirements Planning (MRP) action messages. The job order functions offer you control and precision allowing you to:

  • Manage job orders for simplified tracking of both internal and customer projects.
  • Automate many tedious job-related tasks, freeing your people to handle more important issues.
  • Practice full control over your production process.
  • Create a job order automatically to drive material requirements.
  • See cost variances at any time during the production process.
  • Place stock manufactured components in the job order queue automatically when items have dropped below the safety stock level.