Made2Manage ERP | Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Complying with the widely-established QS-9000 Quality System Requirements, which include Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and its obligatory Product Part Approval Process (PPAP), is a critical part of your manufacturing operation. These regulations necessitate millions of documents per year that you must create, revise, control and observe continuously.

In order to help your engineering, manufacturing and quality management teams comply with these international business standards, M2M ERP is fully integrated with Powerway, a comprehensive software solution that organizes and automates your manufacturing business's paper-intensive processes.

The Powerway Suite 2000 comprises 16 software modules and the Powerway Desktop command center. With Made2manage Systems and Powerway, you can benefit from the following solution sets:

Powerway Engineering Advantage—helps your engineering teams plan, design and produce quality products by allowing them to configure products according to APQP and PPAP standards, identify sub-standard problems early, reduce data entry, avoid late changes and streamline the documentation of the quality management process.

Powerway Document Control—gives you complete control over the quality management documents that are so critical to your operation, allowing you to edit and route documents electronically, control access to and versions of specific documents, and ensure that everyone is updated on the status of a document throughout its lifecycle.

Powerway Factory Floor Performance—enables process control, allowing manufacturers to statistically analyze production processes on the shop floor and reduce scrap, rework and process variation.

Powerway Quality Solutions—automate critical, labor-intensive business processes, including meeting customer requirements, complying with periodic, internal audits, regulating the gages that measure your products and processes, and proactively handling preventative action steps that have resulted from internal failures or customer complaints.