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Made2Manage ERP

The Made2Manage ERP system, an Aptean solution, has been designed to meet the ERP software needs of companies with engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, or mixed-mode discrete manufacturing operations. Built by a manufacturer in 1986 by the president of a machine tool company, and expanded through the years via the input of more than 1500 discrete, to-order manufacturing companies, Made2Manage seamlessly integrates enterprise resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution better than any other ERP software provider. This integration allows manufacturers to:

• Plan using real world constraints and what if scenarios.
• Schedule with confidence and establish promise dates to customers.
• See the entire enterprise operations right down to the shop floor.
• Execute changes on the shop floor swiftly.
You won’t find depth of features for the shop floor or stronger expertise in your industry from any other ERP software provider. Made2Manage v7 is built to last on a 100% .NET, SOA, n-tier architecture—with “future proof” technology that won’t become obsolete the moment you buy it.
The shop floor is where the real work gets done in dynamic, to-order environments. When you need to create sophisticated plans that will help your shop floor run at maximum efficiency while still being able to quickly react to customer demands, you need industrial strength manufacturing software that operates at the speed of your shop floor.
Made2Manage is supported by the comprehensive resources of Aptean—a leading provider of software and services that enable organizations to achieve continuous business process improvements. Aptean is committed to delivering ongoing customer value; a philosophy that extends throughout our entire organization. From product development and support to professional services and account management, Aptean continues to refine our customers’ expectations of what a software company can do for them. To gain a better understanding of the Aptean customer experience, examine our approach and get ready to raise your own expectations.



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