Made2Manage ERP | Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

Made2Manage offers several options for entering sales orders into your system. Sales orders may be generated from:

  • Initial information
  • Associated quotes
  • Job orders
  • Previous sales orders

Quickly fulfill orders

Once you enter and confirm a sales order, a job order is created. M2M ERP helps you:

  • Jumpstart the fulfillment process—a confirmed order can trigger purchasing, reserve inventory items needed for the order and create a job order.
  • Ship orders with quantities different from the sales order by specifying an allowable range.
  • Track partial or split shipments more effectively with the split shipment box.
  • Gain flexibility by creating various ship dates and prices by checking the multiple release box.
  • Manage the sales process through tight integration with the rest of the Made2Manage Enterprise Business System