Made2Manage ERP | Advanced Planning

Supply Chain Management: Advanced Planning Software

Made2Manage offers basic (infinite) as well as advanced planning software solutions to support your unique production environment. Made2Manage’s infinite planning tools are ideally suited to small and midsize manufacturers that generally are not constrained by capacity or material availability. By contrast, the Made2Manage Advanced Planning software tool, M2M Advanced Planning, is designed for more complex manufacturing environments where material and capacity constraints have a large impact on production operations. Whether you require infinite or finite planning applications, you can quickly respond to changing forecasts and heavier sales volumes with the appropriate job orders to keep production and purchasing moving forward.

M2M Advanced Planning

The Made2Manage Advanced Planning supply chain management application helps companies with capacity constraints, significant make-to-stock manufacturing, seasonal demand and/or long lead times drive throughput. With the Made2Manage Advanced Planning software application, manufacturers enjoy all the capabilities of the M2M Planning tool and more. M2M Advanced Planning also accounts for capacity and material availability when creating and modifying jobs — helping you prioritize jobs when total demand exceeds total capacity. With M2M Advanced Planning you can:

  • Balance demand forecasts, sales orders and safety stock needs against capacity and material constraints.
  • Use Theory of Constraints methodology to determine the highest throughput, or most profitable plan, when total demand exceeds total capacity.
  • Automate production planning—no scheduling simulations or human interaction required.