Made2Manage ERP | Advanced Scheduling

Supply Chain Management: Advanced Scheduling

M2M Advanced Scheduling helps you quickly schedule and sequence all activities in your work centers so you can hit your targeted delivery dates. M2M Advanced Scheduling combines Theory of Constraints methods and powerful optimization technology to help you achieve maximum shop throughput. You also get an easy-to-use, drag and drop Gantt chart facility that sets new standards for viewing and editing your schedules to help you meet your commitments.

M2M Advanced Scheduling enables you to:

  • Prioritize, sequence and schedule job operations in one step across work centers within capacity and material constraints.
  • Perform scheduling and rescheduling runs fast. Large scheduling runs can be performed in five minutes or less.
  • Maximize throughput by buffering constraints, assemblies and shipping.
  • Manage additional resources such as labor crews or tooling.
  • Minimize late jobs and achieve planned job due dates.