Made2Manage ERP | Capable to Promise

Capable to Promise

To win and keep the confidence of your customers over time, you strive to successfully manage their expectations from the outset. To avoid "over promising" and "under promising" on job orders, you have to set your delivery dates based on available capacity and material constraints. M2M SCM helps you keep your promises. The M2M SCM Capable to Promise feature makes it easy for your order takers to quickly and accurately determine whether you can meet your customer's requested delivery dates. If a requested date can not be met, the Capable to Promise application can determine the earliest realistic date a product can be promised and offers alternate delivery options such as split orders. The M2M SCM Capable to Promise feature helps you to:

  • Provide realistic product delivery dates based on actual and planned material availability, current production capacity and vendor lead times.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Keep product sales in line with the capacity of your bottleneck resources.
  • Evaluate options for expediting materials or adding capacity to meet a requested date.
  • Propose alternate delivery options when you cannot meet the customer's requested date.