Made2Manage ERP | Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Assessing your product demand is critical for capacity planning, purchasing and inventory management. You may rely on historical performance and trends to make future demand assumptions. Yet, storing, reporting and analyzing meaningful data can be complex and time consuming. Too often, key decisions are made on instinct alone.

Take Advantage of Data Between M2M ERP and M2M SCM Software Applications

To gain a quick and accurate forecast for finished goods, key sub-assemblies and parts, Made2Manage Demand Forecasting takes advantage of the sales data within M2M ERP and a powerful statistic engine to help you make better decisions about your medium-term production plans, long-term capacity plans, purchasing relationships and inventory management.

With M2M Demand Forecasting, you have the ability to:

  • Share forecast data between M2M ERP and M2M SCM planning applications.
  • Forecast at the lowest level you want. You can also auto-select parts to forecast and indicate whether you want to forecast at a level below the part/revision.
  • Calculate demand across multiple facilities.
  • Access historical sales data by order date, ship date and issues of material to jobs.
  • Create an unlimited number of forecasts or history versions.
  • Power your forecasts using a robust, embedded statistical forecasting engine that automatically selects the best forecasting method for each part.
  • Generate forecasts for tens or hundreds of thousands of parts within a few minutes.