MAX ERP | Material Requirement Planning

MRP (Material Requirement Planning)
MRP (Material Requirement Planning) is an integral part of any manufacturing planning system.  MRP balances total demand with available supply and calculates recommendations on what items need to be purchased and which parts need to be manufactured.  Specific conditions (like lead time) can be defined to generate exception messages when requirements exist that cannot be met.  MAX offers advanced tools with MRP that allow easy access to drill down through a bill of material to determine the source of the raw materials or peg up a bill of material to provide visibility of where the demand is coming from.  MAX MRP offers detailed planning and simulation calculations to determine the impact on planning if additional demand is entered in specific periods of time.  This planning and simulation function quickly and easily identifies shortages caused by the addition of new customer demand and calculates an "available to promise" date based on the complete demand and supply conditions.