MAX ERP | Consolidated Planning

Consolidated Planning
Consolidated Planning allows you to look at the next day’s or week’s requirements by a specific product family or manufacturing line. Review shortages for specific types of parts, and launch the POs as you approve and release your manufacturing orders. Then email the POs to your suppliers and attach a PO form as well as the Lean Vouchering spreadsheet. When it is time to pick the order for the next day’s schedule, print a consolidated pick list to streamline stockroom activities, and once picked, issue all of the items to the appropriate orders.

Features & Benefits
1.  Planning by product line / time frame
   - Plan a specific product line or cell
   - Plan days in advance, not weeks
   - Review shortages and fill them Just-In-Time
   - Synchronize receipts with specific order
2. Increased automation
   - Automatically create Purchase Orders
   - Email distribution to vendors
   - Attach Lean Vouchering spreadsheet and PDF PO
3. Reduce workload for planning & inventory control
   - Consolidate planning for product lines/families
   - Consolidate Picking to optimize stockroom activity
   - Automate the issuing process to reduce 
   - Use in conjunction with other Lean Tools like
   - Backflush by Operation
   - No outstanding POs in process
   - MRP Order Policy logicExact"