MAX ERP | Lean Capabilities

Lean Capabilities
With decreased lead times, your planning process needs to look at smaller, more customer-focused time frames. Planning and releasing the next day's or week's schedule requires more specialized tools.
  • Planning by product line / time frame 
    • Plan a specific product line or cell 
    • Plan days in advance instead of weeks 
    • Review shortages and fill them Just In Time
    • Synchronize receipts with specific order requirements 
  • Increased automation 
    • Automatically create Purchase Orders 
    • Email distribution to vendors 
    • Attach Lean Vouchering spreadsheet and PDF PO
  • Reduce workload for planning and inventory control 
    • Consolidate planning for product
      lines / families 
    • Consolidate picking to optimize stockroom activity
    • Automate the issuing process to reduce transaction processing
    • Use in conjunction with other Lean tools like Backflush by Operation
    • No outstanding POs in process
    • MRP Order Policy logic