MAX ERP | MAX Visual Shop Scheduler

MAX Visual Shop
Helps MAX users further leverage their investment in ERP software by introducing the ability to manage MAX production schedules through a graphical user interface.
Scheduler Features


·         Planners and schedulers can more accurately determine the load of each work center against its capacity

·        Test multiple schedule iterations to quickly and accurately determine an effective balance   between production limitations and the need to fulfill customer orders

·        Identify and manage potential bottleneck work centers and resources so the necessary adjustments can be made to keep the entire shop running smoothly

·        Schedule  several  variables to determine the load for each work center, including job operations, material due dates, coordination of outside services, and complex assembly

·        Adjust production schedules based on true capacity

·        Users can see which orders will be delivered late and which orders will be delivered on time, giving them the ability to make important scheduling decisions on the fly

·        Drill into daily work center and shop order details


Work Center Reports


·         Since the Visual Shop Scheduler allows users to adjust for true capacity, the work  center  reports will be  more realistic and better represent actual work center activity.

·         Print work center reports that reflect the new schedule for each work center.

·         Overdue date order reports can be used by sales to negotiate new due dates with the customer