MAX ERP | Secure Care Products

Case Study: Secure Care Products
Industry: Electronics Design, Maufacture, & Distribution 
Solution: Exact Max ERP / Exact Synergy
About The Company
Secure Care Products, Inc. based in Concord, New Hampshire, is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of electronic monitoring equipment for the healthcare and access control industries. Secure Care Products had been addressing the long term and critical care needs of nursing homes, hospitals and a variety of health care facilities throughout the world. Secure Care Products promoted the concept of using radio frequency (RF) electronic security systems to provide restraint-free, wandering resident supervision as well as infant security for nurses and health care staff.
As the world changed from DOS to Windows, Secure Care Products faced updating its Real World DOS based product to a solution that would enable employees in all facets of the company to “be on the same page”. From manufacturing to sales to accounting, supplies needed to be ordered and tracked, invoicing handled efficiently and accurately, and customer satisfaction ensured.
Secure Care Products is a growing company, currently with about 60 employees. While its size may be small, it has many of the needs and challenges of a large manufacturing company including multiple product lines, a direct, dispersed sales force, and the need to satisfy government regulations and compliance. It was important that Secure Care Products have applications that met the needs of a large manufacturing concern at a price point manageable for small to mid-size companies.
Mike Rucker, IS Manager, has been with Secure Care Products for  the past seven years and has used ExactMAX and Synergy to manage all aspects of the company’s information technology issues. As IS Manager, Mike needed an application that was customizable and flexible, yet easy for non-IT employees to use. Exact MAX ERP was the first application on board at Secure Care Products to meet the challenge.
Results and Benefits
After years of success with MAX as their back-office solution, Synergy was brought on board to unify people and processes in the sales, service and administrative departments. All applications sync to track all customer touch points from prospect, to order, and finally to service calls. Everything links to the customer record ensuring customer satisfaction all the way.“Our experience with MAX company-wide has been fantastic,” said Mike. “In addition, the Synergy product has helped us tremendously and we’ve only just scratched the surface of all it has to offer. We already have 25 users up and running with Synergy in sales, service and administration. The product has allowed us to have better communication with our customers and each other.” Manufacturing is also able to function extremely efficiently using MAX and Synergy. The whole purchasing process has been streamlined.
Through Synergy’s workflow capability, the employee simply inputs the item needed and clicks the submit button. The request automatically flows through the approval process and can be tracked online. After approval, the purchase order number and price goes back into the workflow where the issuing employee can stay up-to-date on the progress of the order. The manufacturing department is able to use the same process to track all stages of internal production through to inventory control. “We depend on MAX and Synergy every day to run our business. It has saved us time and money throughout all departments of our company,” said Rucker. The sales department uses Synergy for sales tracking and customer care. Since all information is linked to a customer record, anyone having contact with the customer is aware of all relevant information from order status to any questions they may have. In addition, by using Exact e-Mobile, the mobile-device based application, sales representatives can log-in remotely to review their accounts using their laptop or even their Blackberry PDAs. Sales and the administrative departments are able to manage the entire sales cycle from prospect to product delivery. Through Exact’s e-Mobile application, executives can have realtime access to information about their employees, customers, products and the transactions taking place between these business pillars. Executives also have the ability to monitor key financial performance indicators and direct pre-emptive actions to avoid crises.