MAX ERP | Subcontract Processing

Subcontract Processing
Subcontract Processing tracks materials, shortages and overages through every step of the subcontract process. Each step has been automated, eliminating many manual transactions, and each is accounted for with costs and variances, including subcontract price and quantity variance

Features and Benefits

·   Assign a subcontract standard cost.

·   Use MRP to plan subcontracted component

·   Issue components to the subcontract purchase order.

·   Capture costs at every step.

·   Let the system generate subcontractor purchase
·   Display/report detail costs of materials shipped, product
   received, and subcontract costs totaled by vendor,
   part, or order number.

·   Project capacity for vendors

·   Ship to subcontractor directly from work in process

·   Receive from subcontractor directly into work in

·   Streamline shop floor transactions.

·   Improve inventory and asset accounting accuracy.

·   Facilitate issuing material to and receiving product from 

·   Complete visibility of vendor activity.

·   Capture costs and variances automatically