Microsoft Dynamics AX | Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system offers an out-of-the-box Business Intelligence (BI) solution that provides the reporting tools needed to reveal insights and predict trends. Utilize the BI reporting capabilities to identify opportunities and mitigate risk. View risks and opportunities at a glance by transforming data into dynamic visuals via the solution’s user-friendly reporting tools.

The enhanced reporting tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP BI reporting offer deeper insights into the daily processes to help improve efficiency in sales, finance, and inventory. Gain real-time views into the business to better identify sales opportunities, monitor inventory, and determine profit projections. Improve customer relationships with the ability to see and access customer data, and to track correspondence and activity in real time. Identify best sales opportunities with comprehensive sales analytics. Measure different parts of the sales process against one another to help determine opportunities.

The following tools are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Business Intelligence solution:

  • Role Centers provide personalized dashboards with 32 different default home pages designed to deliver relevant data and insights to users efficiently.

  • Pre-defined Analysis Cubes provide access to finance, manufacturing, supply chain, service, and business process data.

  • Over 150 Analytic Reports enable in-depth data analysis to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services offer full integration with the solution to provide extensible reporting tools.

  • One-click Sync ensures clean and up-to-the-moment data information for users company-wide.

  • Device Mobility allows access from multiple devices for full flexibility and accessibility.