Microsoft Dynamics AX | Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Compliance Management module helps to increase control of operations while cost-effectively simplifying compliance processes. The Compliance Management module features provide a user-friendly system designed for users to manage internal controls and business process content while improving efficiency. Better prepare to meet customer mandates and the financial, legal, and environmental compliance requirements necessary across multiple countries and jurisdictions.

The Compliance Management module offers a single location to view and manage procedures and policies, reports, process documents, charts, database logs, and key risk indicators. The enterprise resource planning solution delivers complete transparency and a thorough view into compliance activities and corporate governance. Reduce the costs of risk and compliance processes with out-of-the-box features and the automation of standard practices to ensure organizational efficiency. Gain stronger internal controls and easily define business rules using workflows. Create customized policies and configure workflow approval processes based on predefined templates available within the module.

Determine the environmental impact of business with the environmental sustainability dashboard. Easily track incoming raw materials and energy consumption to evaluate the current impact of manufacturing on the environment and to identify opportunities to reduce the environmental footprint. Maintain preferred status with customers by implementing and reporting the flow of sustainable practices. Gain insight into cost-effective ways to enforce compliance adoption without compromising growth. Effortlessly track and manage compliance histories and statuses to confidently determine whether changes need to be made to the workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Compliance Management module contains the following features:

  • Effortlessly comply with national and international regulations.

  • Use workflow-related reports to help ensure the segregation of duties.

  • Enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Maintain better internal controls with workflows.

  • Track and trace transactions.

  • Verify and approve activities and transactions with electronic signature capability.

  • Actively manage data changes with alerts.

  • Reduce risk with enhanced security settings.

  • Improve compliance awareness and training.

  • Automate auditing with audit rules and policies.