Microsoft Dynamics AX | Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management (HRM) capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offer the strategic tools necessary to develop human resources within the organization. The human resource management module helps to meet the potential of employees while minimizing the complexities and costs associated with employee administration. Gain deeper insight into individual employees and a broad overview of the entire business.

The recruiting functionality of the enterprise resource planning software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface to track and monitor organizational changes. Efficiently create and manage the entire recruitment process from initial application to employment or rejection.

The Human Resources Management module fully integrates with other modules within the solution such as Payroll, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, General Ledger, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SQL Server Report Services to streamline all HRM processes.

The Human Resources Management features in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution include the following abilities:

  • Core Human Resource Management helps to maintain and manage comprehensive employee information from one location.

  • Organization Management offers the ability to oversee and control organizational structures including formal and informal hierarchies and position management.

  • Recruitment Management automates the recruitment process including recruitment initiatives, correspondence, screening, and development.

  • Absence Management helps to monitor absences and identify trends with a broad range of variables such as dates and types of absences.

  • Competence Management aids in maintaining a catalog of relevant skills for current requirements and future needs. Graphical tools offer analysis of employee skill strength and weaknesses for effective placement.

  • Employee Development offers development planning capabilities to help employees meet career goals that reflect the needs of the organization.

  • Course Administration aids in conducting training courses by specifying target groups, course identification, participants, and certification.