Microsoft Dynamics AX | Financial Management Overview

Financial Management Overview

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution facilitates effective financial operations management with a comprehensive view of financial data across the entire organization. The financial management capabilities provide flexible processes that adapt to the specific needs of manufacturing businesses. Purchase and activate additional functionality as needed. Improve strategic planning with a 360-degree view of business performance. Access real-time information with user-friendly inquiry tools to foster robust analysis and reporting capabilities. Manage revenue, payables, receivables, and cash flow efficiently.  

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management module fully integrates with other functionalities within the enterprise resource planning system such as logistics, project finance, trade, production, etc. Register financial data in the ledger in real time for accurate and fast financial reporting that reflects the actual business flow. Connectivity between modules allows transactions to be traced to their origin for immediate verification and analysis. Ensure the security of critical data by enabling access based on personalized criteria.

The Financial Management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to automate business-critical financial procedures and offers the power to perform fast and reliable accounting, financial reporting, and analysis. Effectively manage cash flow by analyzing liquidity with cash flow forecasts using the Financial Management tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software.  

The following features are available in the Financial Management module within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution:

  • Bank Management helps to reconcile accounts; monitor and report deposits, payments, and balances; and format and customize paper checks. The electronic payment option can automatically import customer payments into journals and make vendor payments.

  • Specialized Role Centers present relevant tasks and information via a personalized view allowing individuals and teams to work smarter and faster. Effortlessly access activity stacks, charts, and alerts to monitor trends and performance. Users can drill down into pertinent accounting processes and create custom workflows such as automated approvals for selected financial journals.

  • Global Functionality supports multiple currencies and languages and manages fluctuating exchange rates.

  • Financial Dimensions deepen analytical capabilities without complicating account charts. Multiple financial dimensions break data into categories for more detailed analysis. Analyze and measure financial information across departments, cost centers, product lines, regions, and other customizable aspects.

  • Advanced Reporting Tools offer multiple import and export options for generating financial reports including XBRL and hardcopy. Aggregate figures into a framework for strategic analysis. Analyze actual results against multiple budgets to manage cash flow effectively. Create graphical displays and reports. Conduct targeted analyses of detailed information to make strategic, informed decisions.