Microsoft Dynamics AX | Material Planning

Material Planning

Optimize material usage with Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning solution’s Master Planning module. Master Planning facilitates effective material planning, scheduling, and production. Finite material and capacity scheduling can be fulfilled simultaneously to enhance production flow.

Master Planning exchanges information with other modules within Microsoft Dynamics AX solution including production, logistics, trade, and CRM to streamline manufacturing processes and supply chain efficiency. Boost production flow and foster on-time product delivery with reliable scheduling procedures for purchase, production, and transfer orders.

Run material and production planning in a fast, net-change mode to view up-to-the-moment data of net requirements as often as needed. Seamlessly source materials from multiple warehouses; Microsoft Dynamics AX coordinates with multiple warehouses to automatically generate transfer orders to fulfill inventory requirements while enabling quick responses to changes in material and capacity demand.

The following Material Planning features are built into Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Master Planning offers two different levels of scheduling: operations scheduling and jobs scheduling. Scheduling options include finite or infinite materials scheduling, backward or forward scheduling, and detailed scheduling by days, hours, and minutes.

  • Multiple Forecast and Master Plan supports multiple plans with forecast and master scheduling. Use multiple plans to simulate material and capacity requirements based on different scenarios.

  • Master Scheduling provides an overview of long-term purchase, resource, and production requirements.

  • Forecast Scheduling provides an overview of short-term purchase, resource, and production requirements based on existing orders.

  • Planned Orders allows for planned purchase, production, and transfer orders to be modified, deleted, accepted, and approved.

  • Future Messages flags orders that cannot be delivered by requested date based on materials and capacity requirements.

  • Net Requirements offers access to the entire master scheduling requirements; view by day, week, or month.

  • ATP/CTP offers the ability to break down a BOM item to calculate an earliest possible delivery date. Available-To-Promise (ATP) calculates delivery date based on current production orders and available inventory; Capable-to-Promise (CTP) calculates delivery date based on available materials and production capacity.