Microsoft Dynamics AX | Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials (BOM) module in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system features a graphical BOM designer for creating and managing BOMs quickly and easily. The enterprise resource planning solution’s familiar, user-friendly environment based on Microsoft’s drag-and-drop technology simplifies BOM construction by offering a graphical tree structure that displays all levels of components. Bill of Materials fully integrates with Master Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX providing a more accurate lead time in production scheduling.

Obtain the most accurate costing and materials requirements information for flexible and efficient management of BOMs. Calculate consumption of raw materials with component-specific formulas. Perform price calculations based on cost price on each BOM level for comprehensive and accurate pricing information; calculation results are then updated throughout the system.

The Bill of Materials module in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offers the following features:

  • Complete integration with the entire Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.

  • Drag and drop relevant items from the inventory table into the BOM with the BOM Designer.

  • Effectively manage 40 BOM levels.

  • Access and reuse previous BOM versions.

  • Phase out and replace components as needed with Version Control.

  • Create quantity-dependent BOMs for end products that require different quantities.

  • Produce sub-BOMs at multiple sites.

  • Create phantom BOMs to calculate materials requirements and simplify BOM setup and maintenance.

  • Include services and items on BOMs.