Microsoft Dynamics GP | Multicurrency


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (formerly Great Plains) ERP solution offers robust multi-currency support for international businesses. Work with international clients and vendors, conduct financial transactions in multiple currencies, and easily comply with international currency standards. Manage multinational financial operations effortlessly with a simplified approach to the management of financial statistics and accounting operations when dealing with multiple currencies and fluctuating exchange rates.

The Multicurrency Management Module offers improved flexibility and control with the ability to use and maintain current exchange rates or define new ones for specific contracts or customers as needed. Set up an unlimited number of rate types, currency IDs, and exchange rate tables. Enter multi-currency transactions by either using the originating amounts for the transaction or the equivalent of the amounts.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers one integrated solution by extending Multicurrency Management capabilities across other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules offering the ability to revalue General Ledger accounts and Sales and Purchasing transactions based on current or estimated exchange rates.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Multicurrency Management module provides the following capabilities:

  • Currency Rate Definition defines an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rates and sets specific rates as needed for individual contracts or transactions.

  • Customer-specific Default permits the selection of a default currency rate, a different rate, or the entry of a new rate during transaction entry to handle exceptions as needed.

  • Exchange Rate Tracking tracks the time and date of exchange rates used in multi-currency transactions to facilitate audits and allow for post-transaction entries in a changing currency market.

  • Extensible Multicurrency Solutions integrate with the following modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Intracompany Transactions, Payables Management, Project Accounting, Purchase Order, Receivables Management, and Sales Order.

  • Multicurrency Inquiry provides instant access to multi-currency transactions displaying both originating and functional currencies.

  • Multicurrency Reporting shows multi-currency activity in financial reports and translates existing reports into multiple currencies.

  • Realized Gains and Losses automatically records and tracks realized gains and losses on sales and purchases reflecting currency rate changes.

  • Standards Support aligns multi-currency transactions with international standards for reporting and accounting.