Microsoft Dynamics GP | Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance module within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software enables testing designed to determine if the quality of incoming raw materials meets manufacturing requirements. Improve quality assurance with defined processes to optimize and refine testing of incoming raw materials. Implement flexible quality sampling procedures and accurate tracking of destructive testing. Establish step-by-step procedures to reduce manufacturing delays, rework, and scrap.  

Quality Assurance integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution modules providing an efficient and flexible manufacturing environment. Define customized parameters for specific customers and vendors with flexible reporting. Efficiently collaborate with supply chain partners with clear and concise reports.

The Quality Assurance module within Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP 2016 solution includes the following features:

  • Controlled Quality Level Definition designates test specifications according to specific needs, from quality levels to sample sizes, using acceptable quality level (AQL) tables.

  • Destructive Testing Management allows quality tests to be set as “destructive” to alert the system that the defective material is unavailable for further production use.

  • Detailed Reporting of Test Results creates reports summarizing defects discovered during the inspection process with the Non-Standard Report (NSR), issues Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs), and researches the source of the defect to help prevent any recurrences.

  • Flexible Test Definition Information defines quality assurance procedures according to specific needs from single step procedures to complex operations.

  • Improved Access to Critical Data tracks and records detailed information of incoming materials making vital data such as lots, serial numbers, and purchase orders readily available.

  • Powerful Defect Management tracks, manages, and analyzes defects that are the most common to manufacturing and quality issues. Easily define configuration instructions for inspectors when the defective material is identified.