Microsoft Dynamics GP | Sales Configuration

Sales Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2021 ERP software solution accurately manages the entire sales process from start to finish. Simplify the ordering process, streamline processes to reduce shipping costs and labor, serve top customers more effectively, monitor invoicing and fulfillment with precision, and shorten delivery cycles.

With optimized invoicing features, Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system helps to increase retention and distribution capabilities. Reduce errors, minimize costs, and speed inquiries and deliveries processes.

Manage the complete sales process with the following Sales Configuration functions of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP software:

  • Set up a single bill of materials that includes multiple options.

  • Calculate the cost of finished goods.

  • Estimate manufacturing completion dates.

  • Enter estimates, orders, backorders, invoices, and returns from one central location.

  • Flexible order processing capabilities allow for customized rules throughout the sales process with definable document fields that permit negative quantities and prices for managing promotional giveaways and other non-regular sales transactions.

  • Create routine documents (quotes, orders, invoices) or complex documents such as sales analysis reports for print or online format.

  • Tailor order entries to specific needs such as price overriding and special instructions.

  • Easily locate information on items back ordered, previously invoiced, allocated, and canceled via the Sales Quantity Status window.

  • Minimize shipping costs and speed fulfillment by specifying fulfillment sites based on customer location.

  • Customize the distribution process with automated distribution capabilities via seamless integration with other MS Dynamics GP modules such as Available to Promise and Advanced Distribution.

  • Process sales orders and credit card authorizations without recognizing revenue or charging the card until the order ships.